CTO Panel

Tyler Whitaker, Scott Lemon, Roland Smith, Scott Barlow

Phil Windley regularly holds CTO meetings where IT professionals discuss current events in technology. In this show he talks with four individuals who work in and write about computing. The group reviews the current status of Twitter, whether companies are using blogging in useful ways, and other similar topics.

Phil mentions Howard Rheingold's "Why I'm Hooked On Twitter", as a starting point for the discussion. The group discusses good and bad aspects of Twitter, as well as possible problems. They assess some of the useful tools that make it easier to use. In the discussion of company blogging, they tend to agree that most companies are not using the tool in a useful manner. Phil also reviews Fran Allen's recent appearance at the University of Utah.

Scott Barlow is a Manager of US Sales with Super Micro Computer, Inc. Scott Lemon is the president of Human Xtensions and blogs at the.Inevitable.Org/anism. Roland Smith consults and writes about technology. He blogs at Technology Matters. Tyler Whitaker is CEO of TM Ventures, LLC and blogs at Tyler Whitaker's InfoTech.



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