Clean Coal, Google Going Solar & Super Cars

An IEEE Spectrum Radio Program

IEEE Spectrum Radio
24 minutes, 11.2mb, recorded 2007-10-01

We start by learning how the Swedish energy company Vattenfall is building a new power plant in eastern Germany that will make use of low grade lignite to generate power with an extremely clean emissions footprint. In addition to cleaning up normal flue gas emissions like sulfur, Vattenfall is testing a new process that promises to enable future plants to capture carbon emissions as well.

Around Google, Robyn Beavers, Corporate Environmental Programs Manager, is know as "Miss Sunshine". That's because she is driving Google's move to solar power. Google is now offsetting 30% of their peak electricity demand on the buildings where they have installed solar panels, and other companies are taking notice.

Part three takes us to Brazil where we hear about a new version of the Fiat Siena that has the ability to use gasoline, ethanol, a mixture of the two, and/or natural gas. This is the only car that can do this, and it does it all automatically. If you have both natural gas and a liquid fuel on board, it can even figure out which one to burn for maximum economy and performance.

Finally, learn how you can become the envy of your friends with a car kit from the UK that will enable you to build a super sports car for just under six figures. We're talking about a car that can compete with legendary Italian road machines when it comes to performance. Listen and you'll hear the secret to building a car that goes from 0 to 60 mph in 3.5 seconds.

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