Tim Sanders

WIMAX Evangelist and Podcaster

The State of WIMAX Late 2007
26 minutes, 11.9mb, recorded 2007-09-21
Tim Sanders

Tim Sanders, who heads up the consulting group The Final Mile, has been an active participant in the development of wireless broadband technology since its early days. In this interview with Tom Parish, Sanders gives us a comprehensive overview of what WiMAX is and where it is going from both an industry and a consumer point of view.

Beginning with a summary of the evolution of WiMAX, short for Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access, Sanders describes how indoor WiFi technology was adapted for outdoor use to the point that operators saw the need for interoperability standards. He also explains how the WiMAX standard is now developing into two branches, one for fixed wireless and one for mobile wireless use.

How WiMAX is likely to be adopted depends on the level of existing hardwire infrastructure, and Sanders explains the implications of this for more mature markets like North America and western Europe as well as for developing markets. He discusses the economic drivers for WiMAX and the extent to which WiMAX and existing 3G technology will be both complementary and competitive.

Finally, Sanders discusses the next steps in WiMAX development and how big industry players like Sprint and AT&T are using WiMAX, and he describes the opportunities for further WiMAX development in newly opening spectrum ranges.

Tim Sanders is the founder of The Final Mile, a consulting firm that specializes in WiMAX technology. Prior to founding the The Final Mile, he held the General Manager’s position of a multi-state fixed wireless ISP. He is an expert in fixed wireless service delivery as well as asset valuation, consultant sales, product management and development, and project coordination and management. As a consultant he specializes in boot camp training for prospective wireless ISP operators, business plan development, financial projections and market positioning.

Prior to the wireless business, Tim was Director of Technical Operations for a software consulting firm specializing in digital imaging and software products to the auto body industry. His teams served over 8,000 partner customers in less than a two-year period with technical support, verification and distance learning programs.

Tim has held several diverse positions with previous companies, primarily in customer service, credit, and sales. He studied Mechanical Engineering. He serves on several association, trade show and WISP boards, is a prolific author and a frequent speaker at industry symposiums.


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