Matt Asay

VP, Business Development, Alfresco Software

The Ten Commandments of Open Source
17 minutes, 8.1mb, recorded 2007-07-23
Matt Asay

Ubuntu users and developers are passionate about it, almost on a religious level. Matt Asay argues that they must also remain pure. He describes the ten commandments of open source and how they relate to Ubuntu. He presents his points with examples from both the open source community in general and Ubuntu in particular. Matt's overview of these principles illustrate how Ubuntu can thrive on its past to change the future of IT.

Matt Asay is VP of Business Development for Alfresco. Prior to Alfresco Asay co-founded Novell's Linux Business Office, founded the Open Source Business Conference, and ran embedded Linux vendor Lineo's Network & Communications division. Asay earned a JD from Stanford Law School, where he spent two of his three years studying open source licensing under Professor Lawrence Lessig. Matt blogs for InfoWorld and for CNET.


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