Phil Windley

Executive Producer, ITConversations & Associate Professor of Computer Science, Brigham Young University

Jon Udell's Interviews with Innovators
37 minutes, 17mb, recorded 2008-01-22
Phil Windley

ITConversations executive producer Phil Windley, who teaches computer science at Brigham Young University, has worked with students to develop a general framework for online reputation. In this conversation with Jon Udell he discusses the goals and status of the project, and explores ways in which online and offline reputations are both similar and different.

Phil Windley is an Associate Professor of Computer Science at Brigham YoungUniversity where he teaches courses on digital identity, interoperability,web services, middleware, and programming languages. Phil is also theExecutive Producer of ITConversations and writes and speaks on these topics. Philwrites the popular Technometria blogand is a frequent contributor to InfoWorld and Between the Lines. He isalso the author of the book Digital Identity from O'Reilly Media.


This free podcast is from our Jon Udell's Interviews with Innovators series.

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