Jyri Engestrom

Co-founder, Jaiku

Ambient Storytelling
13 minutes, 6.2mb, recorded 2007-02-28
Jyri Engeström

Most phone conversations begin with "can you talk?" and "where are you now?" Jyri Engeström's microblogging app Jaiku pushes the rich presence information already available through your phone to broadcast your answers to those questions constantly. Jaiku also lets you broadcast brief texts from either your phone or your computer, creating a river of presence information about you that goes out to anyone in your Jaiku network of friends. Jaiku even includes calendar event sharing, and wiki-style cell tower naming to pinpoint your location automatically.

"It's like throwaway content that you generate very quickly. It's only relevant for very short period of time and then it gets thrown away." This use of both push and pull technology enhances your connection with the people in your world, no matter how close or far away they are.

Jyri Engeström is founder of Jaiku, was born in Helsinki in 1977. He has a Masters degree in Social Studies from the University of Helsinki, and an undergraduate degree in Communications from the University of Montreal.

Before founding Jaiku, Engeström worked for Nokia and helped to shape the company's Wi-Fi device offering. He also actively engages in conversation about technology and society, and is often recognized for introducing social objects as an alternative way to conceptualize social networks.


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