Neil Giarratana

President, Lucidus

Jon Udell's Interviews with Innovators
28 minutes, 13mb, recorded 2007-12-31
Neil Giarratana

Neil Giarratana, president of a small web software firm called Lucidus, is bucking a demographic trend. According to the United Nations, 2007 was the tipping point for world urbanization, and migration to big cities is expected to be a huge continuing trend in the 21st century. But Neil moved from Fairfax, VA to Keene, NH to combine high-tech business with small-town New England life.

Neil Giarratana is President and Chief Technology Officer of Lucidus Corporation, one of the fastest growing internet strategy and services firms in New England. Giarratana, began his career in 1993 with EDS as Mobile Technology Coordinator for James Madison Mortgage Company. He was recruited from EDS to lead Eastern Mortgage Service's mobile technology initiative, implementing the company's first loan application system through remote laptops. He also created the company's first interactive web site, a dynamic application that served individually branded websites for each originator within the company.

In 1996, Giarratana joined Lockheed Martin's Integrated Technology Laboratory to lead a web application prototyping team. This lab was formed with Lockheed Martin's best and brightest to create cutting edge Internet web applications for intelligence and military organizations. In less than four months, his team's prototyping efforts led to a seven year, 11 million dollar production implementation for the CIA. This system remains in use today and is considered the largest collector of open source intelligence in the US Intelligence Community. Neil also presented at Lockheed Martin’s 1st web technology conference and co-directed the first web technology educational conference for a division of the company in the Washington area.


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