CTO Panel

Every month, Phil holds a meeting that he calls the CTO Breakfast.  It is an opportunity for people who work in technology to discuss current issues.  In this episode of Technometria, Phil holds an online version of the meeting.  The group review such topics as the recently released Amazon SimpleDB, MIT's Open CourseWare project, and how LinkedIn just open their site to developers.  They also discuss the status of open source social networking and the problems of monetization.  The group finishes with their predictions for early 2008.

Dave Fletcher works for the state of Utah and blogs at Dave Fletcher's Government and Technology WeblogScott Lemon is the president of Human Xtensions and blogs at the.Inevitable.Org/anismLars Rasmussen is a board member of Software for Starving Students.  He blogs at http://larsrasmussen.blogspot.comSteve Spencer is co-owner and CTO of Twelve Horses.   He blogs at Utah Tech SpotlightJesse Stay is Chief Social Officer for SocialOptimize.com.  He blogs at Stay N'Alive and is the author of the upcoming book, "I'm On Facebook--Now What?"  Tyler Whitaker is CEO of TM Ventures, LLC and blogs at Tyler Whitaker's InfoTech.


This free podcast is from our Technometria with Phil Windley series.

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