Gigi Sage

Relationship and Life Coach

"Hello Tarzan" - How to Connect with Your Man
28 minutes, 13mb, recorded 2007-08-22
Gigi Sage

In this interview, part of the ongoing Talking Portraits series with Tom Parish, Gigi Sage delves into some of the secrets included in her book "Hello Tarzan," or what she likes to call a "how to book for women." According to Sage, this book is a manual to show women how they can have harmonious and happy relationships with all of the men in their lives.

With advice that is equally good for the workplace as it is in the home, Sage explains some of the mistakes and challenges women have when relating to men. During the interview, Sage explains the purpose behind each of the five parts of her book "Hello Tarzan," which she almost entitled "Would you rather be right or rich? Would you rather be right or happy?" Some of the many secrets contained in the book are revealed and provide solid advice for women (and men) to improve their personal and professional relationships.

Gigi Sage is founder of Gigi Sage Enterprises LLC and The Fabulous Factor(TM). Sage is relationship and life coach as well as author of the book "Hello Tarzan." Sage has been developing her Power Connections® trainings for women and Curiosity Coaching™ method for over 22 years, working with thousands of individuals and companies to help them to communicate more effectively, reach their goals and live happier, more fulfilling lives.


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