Matt MacLaurin

Microsoft's Creative Systems Group

Jon Udell's Interviews with Innovators
36 minutes, 16.8mb, recorded 2007-12-03
Matt MacLaurin

Matt MacLaurin, who works for Microsoft's Creative Systems Group, is developing a game -- and game-development platform -- called Boku. Recalling his own early experiences writing software for systems that invited hacking, Matt thinks kids today see computers as passive entertainment more than tools for active engagement and free expression. Inspired by Logo and Smalltalk, Boku aims to restore that sense of creative play.

Matt Maclaurin has been an entrepreneur, programmer, and visual effects artist. He was a member of the original Newton team at Apple, brought the Myst world in realtime 3d for Cyan, helped design Vista and search for Microsoft, and is currently at Microsoft Research exploring ways to help everyone access the creative power of the computer.

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