Dan Lulich

Vice President of Technology, iovation

Technometria: Device Reputation
54 minutes, 25mb, recorded 2007-11-26
Dan Lulich

As online fraud continues to grow as a major issue, enterprises are trying to come up with new ways to reduce the problem. Unfortunately, we have traded convenience for strong authentication, so other methods must be used. Dan Lulich, Vice President of Technology for iovation, joins Phil and Scott to discuss the concept of end-user machine reputation as a way to establish identity. He talks about how authenticating the device is a better method to identify users.

Dan gives some examples of fraud and reviews how machine reputation can be used to combat them. He talks about the challenge of having to peer through a device using the web, which is usually considered a security hole. The group’s discussion is both fascinating and useful, as online users must protect themselves at the same time companies try to avoid identity deception.

Dan Lulich is responsible for the technology strategy and development for iovation. Dan's 25-year plus career has been focused on various aspects of corporate security and consumer safety including extensive experience in pattern recognition technology development. Prior to joining, Dan was the Executive Director of Safety, Security and Privacy at AOL, a division of Time Warner. At AOL, Dan led member safety technology initiatives including anti-virus, firewall, parental controls, anti-spyware, anti-spam, anti-phishing and member authentication technologies to protect member transactions.

Dan has held senior executive positions for security industry leaders including RuleSpace, WholeSecurity (now Symantec) and Adaptive Solutions. Dan holds a B.A. in psychology and philosophy from Portland State University and an M.S. in computer science and computer engineering from the Oregon Graduate Institute (currently Oregon Health Sciences University).


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