Jake McKee

Social Media Evangelist

Insights in Fielding Social Media Systems
38 minutes, 17.6mb, recorded 2007-09-05
Jake McKee

Jake McKee made his mark in the realm of social media and customer interaction when the story of his involvement with LEGO hit the cover of Wired magazine in February 2006. The article came out at the culmination of his involvement with members of the LEGO Mindstorms Users Panel within a historic redesign of the Mindstorms product. It also demonstrated to the world that working together with consumers was a great idea.

From his unique experience and subsequent years of consultancy, McKee provides practical and useful advice for any company looking to understand how to engage and learn from their customers. Currently, as McKee sees it, the adaptation of social media within companies is analogous to the evolution of the world wide web within businesses.

In this interview, part of the ongoing Talking Portraits series with Tom Parish, McKee elaborates on the challenges companies face as they attempt to understand how best to engage their customers. In addition he examines the mistakes currently being made and the trends that are emerging, including his predictions for social media during 2008. McKee also gives his two step process to answer the obligatory question of any new technology: build or buy.

Jake McKee, is currently the Principal at Ant’s Eye View, a social media consulting firm based in Dallas. Previously McKee was the Global Community Development Manager for the LEGO Company, where he was a liaison between the company and the adult fans and fan groups. He lead the product development project at Lego to redesign the popular MindStorms product. A highly sought after speaker, McKee is an accomplished social media advocate and frequent blogger and writer.


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