Cooking with IEEE Spectrum: Brian Young

An IEEE Spectrum Radio Special

IEEE Spectrum Radio
25 minutes, 11.6mb, recorded 2007-06-01

On this edition of IEEE Spectrum's Cooking with Engineers series, Spectrum's Suzan Hassler speaks with Brian Young, the Executive Chef at New York's Tavern on the Green. Young discusses his task as architect at a restaurant serving over a thousand people for lunch and for dinner, and the immense logistics involved in getting food onto the tables.

At the time when Young started his gastronomy career, Paris was the place to go. He left for France when he was 16 and slowly worked his way through various training restaurants. Young's career slowly shifted from just cooking, to something similar to a military commander.

There's plenty of engineering involved in making dinner. Getting fresh food to customers requires a lot of planning and preparation, from having enormous amounts of raw materials ready to be cooked to order, and keeping everything running smoothly in the restaurant's 13,000 square foot kitchen.

This program was originally broadcast on IEEE Spectrum Radio.

Brian Young is the Executive Chef at New York restaurant Tavern on the Green. Young embarked on his career path at only 16 when he left his native Vancouver, Canada to enroll in Paris's Le Cordon Bleu. After working at the two-star Michelin Le Laurent, he set his sights on New York City as the epicenter of the North American restaurant landscape in general and on its four-star restaurants as his future training ground.

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