Stuart Weibel

Senior Research Scientist, University of Washington

Jon Udell's Interviews with Innovators
36 minutes, 16.6mb, recorded 2007-10-17
Stuart Weibel

On this episode of Interviews with Innovators, host Jon Udell invites Stuart Weibel to reflect on his leading role in the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative. They also discuss how databases like the Online Computer Library Center's WorldCat - which consolidates bibliographic data from over 50,000 participating libraries - can enrich our experience of using and contributing to the web.

Stuart Weibel has been in the OCLC Research since 1985, and in that time he has managed projects in automated cataloging, document structure analysis, electronic publishing, and persistent identifiers. Weibel has been an active participant in Internet standards development including work in the Internet Engineering Task Force on Uniform Resource Identifiers and metadata, and he was also a founding member of the International World Wide Web Conference Committee.

Weibel was a visiting scholar at the University of Washington iSchool for calendar year 2006, where he wrote about persistent identifiers and explored the domain of social networking software and its promise for libraries. Since his return he has shepherded work at OCLC on principles for public identifiers in WorldCat. He has recently returned to the Pacific Northwest as OCLC Programs and Research liaison at Web Junction, UW Libraries, and the UW iSchool.


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