Shane Pearson

VP, Marketing and Product Management, BEA

Technometria: Interacting with Internet Information
58 minutes, 26.6mb, recorded 2007-10-08
Shane Pearson

The Internet has always been known as a way for individuals to retrieve information. Shane Pearson, VP of Marketing and Product Management for BEA, believes that the Internet is now a place for individuals to interact with information. He also believes that many of these ways can be used by enterprises and businesses to better run their organizations. He joins Phil and Scott to talk about how “people centric” interaction.

Shane gives a number of examples of social interaction tools used by the general public and discusses how these methods can be used in business. He also reviews how government agencies can particularly take advantage of these tools. He assesses how the organizations can adapt the tools for use. He discusses how security is an important part of this process.

He also talks about the upcoming Defrag Conference. A number of the speakers at the conference have appeared on Technometria. The sponsors describe the conference as “a gathering place for the growing community of implementers, users, builders and thinkers that are working on the next wave of software innovation.” Shane’s information clearly shows how the information to be presented at Defrag can be important for the future.

Shane Pearson, Vice President, Marketing and Product Management, has been with BEA Systems for over six years. Mr. Pearson is responsible for marketing and product management in the Business Interaction Division, which is focused on products, services and tools that support enterprise portals, collaborative communities, business process management, Web 2.0 and enterprise social computing. Prior to his current position, Mr. Pearson has held several positions at BEA including Vice President, Platform Product Management, Group Product Manager for WebLogic Portal, and Group Manager for WebLogic Workshop.

Prior to BEA, Mr. Pearson worked at Vignette Corporation as a member of the product management team and also worked for SAP AG in a consulting and product management capacity, where he contributed to the development of industry solution accelerators and SAP CRM products. Prior to working in the software industry, Mr. Pearson worked in the manufacturing industry as an engineering manager with responsibilities for process and inventory control.

Mr. Pearson holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Management from Purdue University, and a Master of Science degree in Management from the same university.



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