Ned Gulley

Software Designer, The Mathworks

Jon Udell's Interviews with Innovators
41 minutes, 18.9mb, recorded 2007-09-28
Ned Gulley

Ned Gulley is a software designer at The Mathworks and the architect of the company's semi-annual MATLAB programming contest. Since 1999 he's watched contestants exhibit a unique blend of competition and cooperation. Winning solutions are woven from the contributions of ten or more players, and go beyond what any individual could normally have accomplished working alone.

To design a game that harnesses collective intellect in this way, Ned Gulley says, you have to frame a problem that appeals to would-be players just as a flower appeals to bees. This notion of "flower design" can guide us, he thinks, as we begin to explore more general uses of online games in educational and work settings.

Ned Gulley works at The MathWorks, Inc. as part of the team that makes MATLAB. Gulley joined the company in 1991 and has led the development of the Fuzzy Logic Toolbox and the MATLAB IDE team. Since 2001, he has been leading the MATLAB Central web community team. These days he's particularly excited about the overlap between technical and social computing.


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