David Link

President & CEO, ScienceLogic

Technometria: Technology Appliances
55 minutes, 25.4mb, recorded 2007-09-27
David Link

If you ask the average person for an example of an appliance, he or she might mention a toaster. However, David Link, CEO of ScienceLogic, would probably give you a completely different example. A technology appliance is a computer built for specifically for a single specialized application. ScienceLogic specializes in the development of such appliances and David Link, the company's CEO, joins Phil and Ben to discuss them.

Dave first talks about why the concept is becoming popular and gives some of the technical background behind an appliance. He gives some examples of specific uses for such a "Plug-n-Play" model. The group also discuss the use of appliances in a virtual environment and how monitoring tools have become more important for enterprise management.

David Link is the president and CEO of ScienceLogic, LLC. ScienceLogic was founded on the principle of making IT simpler, better, and faster. With the EM7 Management System, the company has provided enterprises small and large with a new level of visibility and control over IT infrastructure and operations - including any networked device from servers (virtual and in-enterprise), switches and routers to desktops, printers and mobile devices. Currently, under David’s leadership, the company is experiencing monumental growth, making ScienceLogic one of the fastest growing companies in its market.

Prior to founding ScienceLogic in 2003, Link was senior vice president and a corporate officer at Interliant, Inc., where he lead the establishment of Interliant's strong presence in the ASP/MSP market. He previously held senior management positions within IBM's Software Division leading the development of Internet commerce products. Link also spent nine years in IT solutions with CompuServe, building innovative global online communication solutions while establishing the market for business and consumer online services.


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