David Bankston

CTO, Neighborhood America

Issues with Software as Service for Social Networking
38 minutes, 17.6mb, recorded 2007-08-24
David Bankston

Social networking can transform communication and build powerful connections, but getting it right in the enterprise takes a special touch. David Bankston shares his experience as a technologist and entrepreneur in this lively discussion of ways in which software-as-service and social media can help businesses manage customer feedback and build brands and communities on line.

Bankston caught on early to the power of software for social interactions. In 1999, he co-founded Neighborhood America, a software and service company which began by delivering systems for public sector organizations to gather and evaluate feedback and public comments. These earliest products evolved into what we now think of as social software, with a service oriented flair. Bankston recognized the benefits these technologies could bring to businesses and media companies in managing their marketing, customer feedback and decision making processes.

Given the sometimes capricious nature of on-line life, getting involved with social software can be a daunting proposition for more traditional managers and marketers. Part of Neighborhood America's goal is to provide complete solutions that can guide companies to an understanding of how important and easy it can be to engage customers in new ways. Social networking is shifting consumer expectations and influencing who they trust to provide product information. Marketers are often afraid of ceding control of their brands to what can seem like a free-for-all on the internet. Bankston's team alleviates these fears by helping companies to build networks in secure, manageable spaces. They add value through custom metrics and comprehensive support and training which can be hard to come by with open source solutions. Backing up software with service means that businesses can focus on the benefits of community and harvest new insights by getting and staying connected with customers.

David Bankston is the co-founder and chief technology officer for Neighborhood America, a leading provider of solutions for online engagement and interaction via all forms of social media. Specializing in software integration and technical innovation, David has devoted much of his career to creating next generation technologies specifically designed to solve real world business problems. Under his leadership, Neighborhood America's solutions have been successfully adopted nationwide by various organizations. Businesses and media companies, such as FOX News, Scripps Interactive, ABC and CBS are turning to Neighborhood America in order to harness the power of the Web to effectively manage audience interaction.

Prior to Neighborhood America, David's technology career included 15 years at LexisNexis where he was responsible for many innovations that are still in use today. David is a frequent speaker on the transformative impact that social media is having in the world today - and how businesses can leverage this power to drive profits.

National speaking engagements include: National Association of Broadcasters, 2007; Digital Hollywood, 2007; National Association of State CIO's, 2006; Adjunct Professor, Antioch University McGregor


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