Dave Gynn

Director, Enterprise Tools and Frameworks, Optaros

Enterprise Open Source Directory
24 minutes, 11mb, recorded 2007-07-30
Dave Gynn

What consulting company Optaros started for its customers as an internal list of open source projects is now the Enterprise Open Source Directory, a growing online community still under the editorial guidance of Optaros. More than just a list, the EOSD also includes case studies, grouping of software by categories, and Optaros' trend rating showing which open source projects are stable, up-and-comers or fading glories. Gynn explains why the directory includes open source software whose license does not match the Open Software Initiative's definition of open source, as well as commercial versions of open source software. Gynn also contrasts the wiki approach to Optaros' editorial process, as well as its directory metaphor to Krugle provides. Finally, Gynn explains why enterprises are contributing more code back to open source communities.

Dave Gynn has fifteen years of experience leading and delivering Web and client/server solutions in both startup and enterprise environments. Gynn's clients include Charles Schwab, Lehman Brothers, NASCAR.com, Cartoon Network, Movielink, GTECH, and Compaq. At Optaros, Gynn leads the enterprise tools and frameworks group, which is responsible for Optaros' collaborative development tools and application assembly methodology. Gynn works with project teams to apply best practices and to identify and evaluate open source framework reuse opportunities. Prior to joining Optaros, Gynn was a technical architect at Acumen Sciences, and was an early member of Viant Corporation. Gynn began his career at Seer Technologies.



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