Edward Iacobucci

Co-Founder, DayJet

Jon Udell's Interviews with Innovators
52 minutes, 24.1mb, recorded 2007-09-13
Edward Iacobucci

Joining Jon Udell on this episode of Interviews with Innovators is Edward Iacobucci, co-founder of DayJet. Widely known in IT circles as the co-founder of Citrix, he left in 2000 to pursue his interest in aviation. In 2002 he co-founded DayJet, a company whose mission is to deliver on-demand, per-seat jet travel service. The first incarnation of that service will debut soon, as a regional network in Florida. If all goes well, it will then expand to offer a nationwide service with connections to a subset of the thousands of underutilized (and uncongested) small airports around the country.

In this interview, Ed describes how he worked through a false start, realized that on-demand air travel would require a platform, decided that Eclipse Aviation's line of precision-engineered, mass-producable, and affordable jets would be the platform's equivalent to the personal computer, and then led the teams that conceived and created its network operating system and software service infrastructure.

Edward Iacobucci is a long time veteran of the technology industry. Iocobucci began his career at IBM where he was a key part of Big Blue's entry into the commercial software business — first in the network management arena and later in the Entry Systems division with architecture and design leadership responsibilities for IBM DOS and OS/2. In January 2002, he co-founded DayJet Corporation with the mission to bring affordable and accessible "Per-Seat, On-Demand" jet travel to many more people and organizations, and in 2007 this vision becomes reality.

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