Joel Spolsky

CEO, Fog Creek Software

Technometria: Hiring Technical Talent
61 minutes, 28mb, recorded 2007-08-27
Joel Spolsky

The top software developers are ten times as productive as average developers. You can't afford not to hire them. But if you haven't been reading Joel Spolsky's books or blog, you probably don't know how to find them and make them want to work for you. Joel joins Phil, Scott, and Ben in a discussion of how to recruit and interview technical talent.

In addition to giving his background, Joel discusses his book and talks about the importance of intern programs as both a training tool and a source of future talent. He also discusses how best to treat employees to make them both happy and productive. The discussion is both informative and entertaining for both employers and the prospective employees looking to work in the technology field.

Joel Spolsky has never been one to hide his opinions. Since 2000, he has developed a loyal following for his insightful, tell-it-like-it-is essays on software development and management on his popular Weblog Joel on Software. The prolific essayist has also published four books and started a successful software company, Fog Creek, in New York City, a place he feels is sorely lacking in product-oriented software development houses.

Spolsky started Fog Creek not with a specific product in mind, but rather to create a kind of software developers' utopia, where "programmers and software developers are the stars and everything else serves only to make them productive and happy." So far, he has succeeded. The company has maintained a 100 percent employee retention rate while shipping several profitable software products. Its latest release, Fogbugz, is a comprehensive, Web-based project-management system that uses a technique called EBS (evidence-based scheduling) to help software developers better predict their release dates.


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