Contacts for The Conversations Network

The Conversations Network
c/o Internet Archive
300 Funston Ave
San Francisco, CA 94118 US

tel: +1 415.561.6767
fax: +1 415.840.0391

Non-Profit Status

The Conversations Network is a California nonprofit public benefit corporation and a section 501(c)(3) public charity under the Internal Revenue Code, contributions to which are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

U.S. Federal Employer ID Number: 20-3803359
California State Charity registration Number: CT0135394


This page is archived for historical purposes. The Conversations Network ceased operation of its websites as of the end of 2012.


Previous Management

We wish to extend our thanks to the following who helped The Conversations Network from 2003 through 2012:

Phil Windley, Executive Producer, IT Conversations
Bernadette Clavier, Executive Producer, Social Innovation Conversations
Steve Williams, Executive Producer, CHI Conversations
Paul Figgiani, Senior Audio Engineer
Tim McNerney, Senior Software Engineer
Joel Tscherne, Senior Web Editor

Brian Gruber, director
Doug Kaye, founder, Executive Director
Hugh McGuire, director
Jake Shapiro, director
Rashmi Sinha, director
Jon Udell, director
David Weinberger, director

Dan Bricklin, advisor
John Furrier, advisor
Dan Gillmor, advisor
Brooke Gladstone, advisor
Lucas Gonze, advisor
Stephen Hill, advisor
Salim Ismail, advisor
Leo Laporte, advisor
JD Lasica, advisor
Lawrence Lessig, advisor
Robert Lyons, advisor
Rebecca MacKinnon, advisor
David Marks, advisor
Robert Scoble, advisor
Evo Terra, advisor
Maria Thomas, advisor
Colette Vogele, advisor
Phil Windley, advisor