Scott Lemon, Dave Fletcher

69 minutes, 31.9mb, recorded 2007-07-02
Scott Lemon

Instead of a single subject, this week Phil and Scott are joined by Dave Fletcher of the State of Utah, to discuss a wide range of current tech issues.  Scott first reviews his experiences trying out Ning, a platform that allows users to build their own social network.  He talks about his impressions of the concept as well as the actual software.

The group then discusses the concept of social networking in government, as well as some of Utah's tech projects.  They also assess Danah Boyd's recent article on class divisions on social networking sites.  Phil also talks about his experiences with the iPhone, including the Friday first day event, as well as his initial impressions of the phone.  The group uses this as a springboard to discuss a number of other topics.

Scott C. Lemon is CTO of MediaForge - a next generation viral marketing and web enhancement company - and founder of HumanXtensions - an Internet R&D company. Scott's recent history in the computer industry include several small start-ups, along with being Chief Technologist at SCO, Chief Strategist at Vultus, and holding numerous positions during his four tours of duty at Novell. Scott's expertise ranges from computer and wireless hardware technologies, to networking and distributed software applications. As a futurist studying the patterns of evolution, his past experiences in operating systems - CP/M, DOS, Windows, OS/2, NetWare, UNIX, Linux and others - is allowing him to explore the new levels of abstractions provided by the Internet.

Dave Fletcher is currently the Director of the Utah Division of Information Technology Services. While with the State of Utah, David has also served as the Deputy Director of the Utah Department of Administrative Services, Deputy CIO over eGovernment, the State Y2K Coordinator, Director of the Division of General Services, and Chair of the Utah eGovernment Product Management Council. In each of these capacities, he has focused on the use of technology to make government more efficient and to enable more effective delivery of services to citizens, to agencies, to employees and to business partners. He has a Masters of Public Administration from the University of Washington.


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