Timo Hannay

Director of Web Publishing, Nature Publishing Group

Jon Udell's Interviews with Innovators
45 minutes, 21mb, recorded 2007-07-05
Timo Hannay

As director of web publishing for Nature Publishing Group, Timo Hannay is applying web 2.0 principles to the realm of science. His projects include: Connotea, a social bookmarking service for scientists; Nature Network, a social network for scientists; and Nature Precedings, a site where researchers can share and discuss work prior to publication.

The social and collaborative aspects of these systems are, of course, inspired by their more general counterparts on the web: del.icio.us, Facebook and LinkedIn, the blogosophere. But while the general web provides useful models, science doesn't yet provide the same incentives to participate. Change is coming, though, and Timo Hannay and his team are doing everything they can to accelerate it.

Timo Hannay is Director of Web Publishing at Nature Publishing Group. He has particular responsibility for Nature’s new online initiatives in the areas of scientific databases, social software and audio-visual content. He is also co-organiser of Science Foo Camp.

Hannay holds a degree in biochemistry from Imperial College, London and a doctorate in neurophysiology from the University of Oxford. He and his colleagues blog at Nascent.


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