Chet Haase

Sun Microsystems

Technometria: What's New in Java
56 minutes, 26mb, recorded 2007-06-05
Chet Haase

In his work with Sun Microsystems, Chet Haase is in a unique position to discuss the current status of Java. Co-author of an upcoming book on developing desktop Java effects, he joins Phil, Scott, and Ben to talk about how Sun is working on improvements to the consumer Java client.

Chet first reviews his background and how he came to work for Sun Microsystems. The talk then turns to the company's applet strategy. The group also evaluates the status of JavaFX scripting. The conversation is technical in nature, but interesting in its review of an important tool in online technology.

Chet Haase is a senior staff engineer and client architect in the Java SE Desktop group. He has written extensively on related topics, publishing articles in print (Java Developers Journal), as well as on line (, He has a popular blog and is the leader of an animation open source project, Timing Framework.


This free podcast is from our Technometria with Phil Windley series.

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