The web site is closed.

In 2007 The Conversations Network launched the website, a place to match producers with audio and video stringers around the world. Nearly 1,000 stringers joined, but the site never achieved the kind of critical mass required to make it a success in anyone's book. We therefore decided to close as of July 5, 2010.

The reason we failed to reach that critical mass is rather straightforward: We were spread too thin among multiple projects and didn't commit the resources required for's success. The Conversations Network has a very small budget and depends entirely on volunteers. And while many people supported the concept by registering on the website, we were not able to recruit a volunteer team to adequately manage and promote

We thank everyone who registered for their participation and support of the concept. We only wish we had the resources to fulfill our side of the bargain. The Conversations Network's other projects ( and our proprietary podcast channels) get all of our attention and are doing well, but we need to accept our limitations in order to ensure our successful projects continue without distraction.