Greg Ness

VP, Marketing, Blue Lane Technologies

Technometria: Virtualization and Security
56 minutes, 26mb, recorded 2007-05-29
Greg Ness

In a previous episode of Technometria, Bogamil Bolgansky of VMWare gave a great overview of the concept of virtualization and how it is becoming more popular in enterprises. Now, Greg Ness of Blue Lane Technologies joins Phil and Scott to discuss the special security issues that virtualization creates.

Ness makes it clear that IT professionals must quickly re-learn old habits, particularly with the increasing popularity of virtualization. He reviews the theoretical differences between traditional security issues and those under VM and also gives some of the technical problems caused by those differences. His discussion forms a useful bookend with Bolgansky's more general review.

Gregory Ness is the Vice President of Marketing at Blue Lane Technologies. He was previously a marketing executive at Juniper Networks, RedlineNetworks, IntruVert Networks, ShoreTel, Visa International and Verizon. At Juniper he led the development of its new "Master of IT" customer recognition program and also helped drive substantial increases in eMarketing program performance. At Redline he helped to establish the company as a leader in Web application delivery, allowing the company to grow revenue by 1000% until acquisition in May 2005 by Juniper Networks. At IntruVert he helped the company establish and lead the IDPS category,resulting in its acquisition by McAfee. At ShoreTel he helped the company establish itself in the emerging enterprise VoIP space.

Mr. Ness brings more than 19 years of integrated marketing communications experience, managing advertising, analyst and press relations, lead generation, messaging, positioning and programs for large and growth companies. He was a company spokesperson for Verizon for nine years, where he also won an "Award of Excellence" for marketingprogram innovation.



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