Phil Wolff

Managing Editor, Skype Journal

Technometria: Skype
66 minutes, 30.5mb, recorded 2007-05-21
Phil Wolff

To quote their website, "Skype is a little piece of software that lets you talk to anyone over the Internet for free". However, this barely scratches the surface of what the company offers. Phil Wolff, editor in chief of Skype Journal, joins Phil, Scott, and Ben to discuss the current state of Skype.

In addition to reviewing his background and what led him to Skype Journal, Wolff talks about how China is attempting to censor information sent over Skype and how residents work to get around it. He also describes Skype's architecture, how the technology is being used more and more by enterprises, and assesses the demographics of the typical user, as well as how Estonia was recently hit by a DDoS attack. Wolff also describes his idea for OpenCallerID and polls Phil and the group on a wishlist for Skype features.

Philip Wolff, editor in chief of Skype Journal, focuses on Skype lifestyle, business, technology, and public policy. He works at the intersection of technology, the social sciences, and strategic analysis. Phil has been blogging for eight years with a following in the knowledge management and enterprise blogging space. He's been computing for more than 30 years, starting in junior high school. Phil is a marketing and technology veteran, including stints at Compaq, LSI Logic, and Adecco SA, where he served as global VP for strategy and technology. Phil is building the editorial platform that will take the collective group's news and views into a global multi-lingual publication.


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