Brian Dear

Founder, Eventful

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33 minutes, 15.4mb, recorded 2007-05-05
Brian Dear

Brian Dear is the founder of Eventful, which is both an application and a service that combine to maximize the discovery of events. Eventful has been around since January 2004, but it's been hitting its stride lately thanks, in part, to an innovative new demand feature. People can tell Eventful that they'd like a band to show up in their town, maybe at a particular venue. Then the performers can measure that demand and gauge whether it warrants making an appearance.

Collaborative management of information about events is taking off more slowly than management of, say, photos, but it's just harder to work with the structured information that events require. Still, the idea is spreading, and in a few years we may look back and wonder how things ever could have worked any other way.

Brian Dear is Founder and Chairman of San Diego-based Eventful, Inc., makers of, the world's largest events search engine, dedicated to helping people discover, share, track, and demand events they care about. Prior to Eventful, he was founding Director of eBay Design Labs at eBay, Inc. Other past engagements include Eazel,, FlatWorks, RealNetworks, and Coconut Computing. Dear's 25-year career has focused on designing and building applications for online communities.


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