Amit Singh

Manager of Macintosh Engineering, Google

Technometria: Mac OS X Internals
62 minutes, 28.8mb, recorded 2007-05-01
Amit Singh

The book Mac OS X Internals describes the architecture and design of Apple's operating system. The book is targeted at anybody who is curious about Mac OS X and has a system-level interest in operating systems. At a very high (and simplistic) level, the book appeals to both those who use Mac OS X, and also those who do not. The book's author Amit Singh, Manager of Macintosh Engineering for Google, joins Phil and Scott in a discussion of both his book and MacFUSE, a Mac version of the FUSE specification.

They first talk about Amit's background, particularly how he came to write his book. This book is an ambitious attempt to cover the modern operating system of Mac OS X in substantial breadth and depth in one volume. They review how OS X evolved from earlier Apple operating systems, as well as misconceptions about OS X, as well as an assessment of where both Apple and other operating systems are likely to go from here. The second part of the talk is a review of the status of MacFUSE, a Mac version of the FUSE specification for creating file systems in user space instead of in the kernel.

Amit Singh is Manager of Macintosh Engineering at Google and author of the book, Mac OS X Internals. Previously he was a researcher at the IBM Almaden Research Center in San Jose, California, where he worked on operating systems, virtualization, and computer security. Prior to joining IBM, he worked for a Silicon Valley startup that did cutting-edge work in the virtualization of operating systems. He was also a Member of Technical Staff in the Information Sciences Research Center at Bell Laboratories in Murray Hill, New Jersey, where he worked on operating systems, networking, and quality of service.


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