Gent Hito

President & Founder, /n Software

Jon Udell's Interviews With Innovators
39 minutes, 18.1mb, recorded 2007-04-30
Gent Hito

The acronym RSS usually stands for Really Simple Syndication. Gent Hito, President & Founder of /n Software thinks it should also stand for Really Simple Services. In this Conversation with Innovators, Jon Udell and Gent Hito discuss RSSBus, a .NET-based engine - for desktops and for servers - that aims to simplify both the production and consumption of data expressed in terms of RSS (or Atom) feeds.

By normalizing all data feeds to "flattened" sets of name/value pairs, RSSBus trades away some of the power of advanced data modeling in order to reach a broad population of developers - and even, ideally, ordinary information workers who will be able to pull feeds into their spreadsheets, combine and filter them, and publish their transformedfeeds back out to the Net.

Gent Hito is President and Founder of /n software, a leading provider of component libraries for communications, security, and e-business. Started in 1994 with a simple TCP/IP component for Visual Basic, /n software has grown into a respected tool provider serving more than 100,000 developers worldwide, representing millions of end-user installations.

Much of the success of the company and the popularity of its offerings relies on its continuing efforts to make hard programming tasks easier by abstracting functionality into simple programming interfaces. RSSBusrepresents a concentrated effort at bringing the same simplicity indevelopment and the power of connected systems into a wider audience, beyond the realm of the professional developer.


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