Website Editor Application

The primary tasks for website editors (WEs) at The Conversations Network are to write short and long descriptions for each show, find bios and photos of the speakers and process the photos to a standard size and format. The Conversations Network uses a content-management system to create the individual web pages, which successful apprentices will learn. HTML coding skills are not necessary, though a knowledge of HTML helps.

If you are interested in applying to become an apprentice website editor, please download this audio file. Write a short and long description of the talk, find a bio of the speaker and a headshot. Send the descriptions and bio in the body of an email to and attach the processed photo.

Please see the information below for detailed information about the formats for descriptions, bios and headshots. Examples can be seen on the show page for any Conversations Network program.

Short Description: The short description is three or four sentences that both describe and sell the show. This is the information in the RSS feed and on the homepage.

Long Description: The long description should accurately describe the program without summarizing the content (if possible). Try to give the listeners enough information to make a decision about whether or not this program will interest them. The long description should be about three or four paragraphs long.

Bio: The speakers' names should be in bold. Bios can usually be copied from conference sites or personal or corporate websites. You may need to edit for content and length.

Photo: Crop the photo tightly (just the face, if possible), and make it exactly 100 pixels wide by 125 tall. If you have any questions, please email our