Panel: Lena Trudeau, David Wennergren, Michele Weslander Quaid, Alan Cohn

National Academy of Public Administration, Department of Defense, US Government, U.S. Department of Homeland Security

Strategies for Success: Driving Openness, Participation, and Collaboration in a Bureaucratic World
34 minutes, 15.6mb, recorded 2009-09-10
From Left to Right (Lena Trudeau, Michelle Weslander Quaid, David Wennergren, Alan Cohn)

Twitter, blogs and online wikis are not traditionally associated with National Security departments, but in this rare panel discussion with members from the Intelligence and Military community, Lena Trudea finds out how these new technologies are unleashed within the these secretive associations of government.

Find out how Dungeons and Dragons inspired the Intelligence community, what Twitter has to do with the Department of Defense, and how Homeland Security leveraged web 2.0 to bring the Department of Defense into the 21st century.

Beyond shining a light on normally undisclosed practices, our speakers offer advice to developers within the government and private sector on how to promote initiatives within a government culture normally resistant to open collaboration and technology development.

Providing pearls of wisdom on how to create positve voices of change, this high concept talk is not to be missed for those interested in how new technologies become adopted within a sector where privacy and security are of the utmost importance.

Lena Trudeau serves as Vice President at the National Academy of Public Administration. She leads the National Academy's service delivery organization, supervises the conception and execution of strategic initiatives, and drives organizational change. She is a founder of the Collaboration Project, an independent forum of leaders committed to leveraging web 2.0 and the benefits of collaborative technology to solve the government's complex problems.

Michelle Weslander Quaid is a transformational leader who works for the Office of the Director of National Intelligence and has worked extensively within the field of National Security for the last 17 years. Prior to that she worked as a systems engineer and technical assistant industry partner and consultant to the Department of Defense and Intelligence community.

David Wennergren is the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Information Management and Technology providing top-level advocacy in creating a unified information management vision for the Department. He also serves as the Chair of the Department of Defense Identity Protection and Management Senior Coordinating Group, which provides senior oversight and coordination of biometric, smart card, and PKI initiatives across the Department of Defense.

Alan Cohn is Deputy Assistant Secretary for Policy (Strategic Plans) at the Department of Homeland Security. He is a former Director of Emergency Preparedness and Response Policy in the DHS Office of Policy Development, and Counsel at Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP.  He's also a Senior Fellow at the George Washington University Homeland Security Policy Institute, and a Vice Chair of the Homeland Security and Emergency Management Commitee of the American Bar Association.


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