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Managing Schizophrenic Projects
40 minutes, 18.7mb, recorded 2007-02-12
Adam Richardson

Today there is an increasing need for companies to deal with "schizophrenic" challenges in creating compelling and profitable user experiences: a long-term vision and roadmap must be developed in parallel with defining near term offerings and tactical development decisions. This leads to tensions and organizational obstacles that need to be managed effectively.

Using the example of the Alltel Celltop product — an innovative approach to improving phone navigation and data applications on a mobile handset — Adam Richardson of frog design looks at dealing with the complex challenges schizophrenic projects create. The Celltop was just launched, and went from conception to code to shipping application in 12 months, and illustrates ways in which companies can "manage schizophrenia."

Adam Richardson guides strategy engagements for Frog Design's international roster of clients in the fields of consumer electronics and goods, wireless, and medical. Adam combines a background in industrial design, interaction design and sociology, taking a holistic approach to finding new growth opportunities for clients. He has written and spoken extensively on design, business, culture and technology, and has taught design and design research for over five years.


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