Lou Carbone

CEO, Experience Engineering, Inc.

Creating Customer Loyalty
68 minutes, 31.3mb, recorded 2007-02-12
Lou Carbone

Lou Carbone, author and CEO of Experience Engineering, Inc. will change the way you think about customer experience forever. His message to business leaders and professionals is simple: Create customers that come back and customers that tell others, by connecting emotionally with them through the experiences you deliver.

Carbone urges business to focus on managing experience "clues", conscious and unconscious, because experiences are what customers value most. He stresses that the world has moved from making and selling to sensing and responding—a dynamic change that requires new competencies. Through illustrations from Fortune 100 clients, Carbone shares how the systematic design and delivery of experience clues can have immense impact on customer value, loyalty, and the bottom line.

Lou Carbone is the Founder, President and Chief Experience Officer of Experience Engineering, Inc. a Minneapolis-based experience management firm. He is also the author of Clued In--How to Keep Customers Coming Back Again and Again. He has spent more than two decades in the development of experience value management theory and practice in a broad range of industries including travel, healthcare, retail, technology, financial services, manufacturing and education.

Lou is widely recognized in academic and business circles as the thought leader who launched the "experience" movement with the publication of his seminal article titled "Engineering Experiences" (Marketing Management 1994) which he co-authored with Stephan Haeckel. He has written numerous white papers and published articles both in trade and academic publications, and he is an adjunct faculty member at the IBM Advanced Business Institute. He is the Chairman of the American Management Association Sales and Marketing council, is Co-Chairman of the Board of Directors of Health Quality Partners, Inc., Chairman of the Board of Trustees at Brown College, serves on the editorial board of Healthcare Design magazine and the nominating board for Fast Company magazine's "Customer First" Awards.




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