Drummond Reed

CTO, Cordance

Technometria: XRI
81 minutes, 37.4mb, recorded 2007-03-22
Drummond Reed

XRI is a syntax and resolution protocol for abstract identifiers—-identifiers that are independent of the underlying network location, domain, application, or storage. It is an abstraction layer for identifiers of all types. An XRI can be used anywhere that you can use a URI and it can be downcast into a URI. XRI is the product of an OASIS technical committee.

Drummond Reed joins Phil and Scott to discuss his work with XRI and how he wants it to be accepted as an open, public standard. He gives a thorough introduction to the concept, giving a number of examples of its use. The group talks about the political aspects of XRI, as well as how it relates to OpenID. Drummond also reviews the process of using XRI and its architecture.

Drummond Reed is CTO of Cordance. He conceived the digital addressing and intelligent linking technology on which Cordance was founded. He led the team that filed the cornerstone patents on the technology starting in 1996, and subsequently led the effort to contribute those patents to XDI.org so they could become open, public, royalty-free standards. XDI.org subsequently contributed this intellectual property to OASIS where Drummond serves as co-chair of the XRI (Extensible Resource Identifier) Technical Committee with Gabe Wachob, Chief Systems Architect, Visa International, and co-chair of the XDI (XRI Data Interchange) Technical Committee with Geoffrey Strongin, Platform Security Architect, AMD.

Drummond was a founding board member of the International Security, Trust & Privacy Alliance (ISTPA). He is also a founding board member of OpenXRI.org, and serves as a trustee of Identity Commons. Drummond attended Harvard University and is a carpenter of anything from high-rise treehouses to professional stage sets. He is also an active parent at the Seattle Waldorf School.


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