Joseph Smarr

Chief Platform Architect, Plaxo

Joseph Smarr

In this edition of Technometria, Phil and Scott talk to Joseph Smarr, the Chief Platform Architect at Plaxo. Plaxo makes great use of AJAX in its product offerings. The gang starts by discussing techniques for overcoming cross-site scripting limitations including Javascript workholes and JSON APIs (also known as JSON-P or JSON callbacks).

The talk turns to performance considerations for Web sites making heavy use of Javascript and some techniques for making AJAX faster. Finally the show ends with a discussion of the coming open social Web and the current state of the OpenSocial proposal.

Joseph Smarr is Chief Platform Architect at Plaxo. He is currentlyleading Plaxo’s “Open Social Web” initiative to put users back incontrol of who they know when using socially-enabled sites by usingopen data-sharing standards. An active participant in the Web 2.0community, Joseph has built web applications for many years, includingPlaxo’s online address book, web widgets, and was architect and leaddeveloper of the Plaxo 3.0 rich AJAX address book, calendar, and synctool. Joseph has a BS and MS from Stanford University in ArtificialIntelligence.


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