Jesse James Garrett

President, Adaptive Path

Jesse James Garrett

Understanding the psychology behind how users relate to a product is the key to its lasting success. Users tend to anthropomorphize, or ascribe human personality traits to products they use. Products with long-term success have developers who recognize the identity and personality of the product they want to convey. They create integrity with the product and how their users will interact with it.

Garrett explains that "experience strategy" is designing from the outside in. Whereas branding philosophy relies on imposing your message on the consumer, experience strategy is the opposite: it's about starting from the consumer's perspective and working backward from it. This approach is also counter-intuitive to the classic coder perspective, from which so many technology products get their start.

Transformative products make us wonder how we ever lived without them. Garrett uses well-known product examples to demonstrate what sets them apart from the rest of their industries. It's not just the features or the price or the marketing, rather it is how users relate and interact with and feel about the product. Designing and developing using experience strategy gives your product the foundation to potentially be the next Kodak or TiVo, to make lasting changes in how consumers think about technology.

Jesse James Garrett is President and co-founder of Adaptive Path. Every day, product designers around the world depend on his tools and concepts, which have been published in more than a dozen languages. His book The Elements of User Experience has been called "brilliant" and "essential" and is considered one of the seminal works on user-centered design. Jesse is internationally recognized as a leading user experience thinker and has been featured in publications such as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and Business Week. He is also known for coining the term Ajax, which Business 2.0 later named as number one on its list of "Technologies That Will Change Everything". He is co-founder of the Information Architecture Institute and a frequent keynote speaker and writer whose work has appeared in numerous publications. Jesse's clients include Wells Fargo, PeopleSoft, Crayola, Intel, and National Public Radio.


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