David Orban, Roberto Ostinelli

Co-Founders, OpenSpime, Inc.

61 minutes, 28.2mb, recorded 2007-03-12
Roberto Ostinelli, David Orban

Bruce Sterling suggested the creation of a new type of technological device, called "spime", that through pervasive RFID communications and GPS navigation can track its history and interact with the world. OpenSpime, a project of WideTag Inc., enables individuals and corporations to better understand their environment, through the use of a series of GPS-enabled sensors. Co-founders David Orban and Roberto Ostinelli join Phil and Scott to review the concepts and technologies.

They discuss Bruce Sterling's original idea and how OpenSpime is developing projects. They also review some of the protocols, framework, and software necessary to make the technology work.

David Orban is a futurist, and speaker. His vision is at the crossroads of technology and society as defined by their coevolution. There are times when things change fast, and this is one of them. To be able and act from the position where the perspective on this change is accessible is a true privilege."What is the question that I should be asking?" is his motto. Meta-analyses, and meta-rules are the tools of the trade when going breadth first is an advantage. The new renaissance is also about cutting across the limits of deep specialization. Tolerating high levels of pressure, and frequent mistakes, accelerating cycles of invention and innovation build the new worlds ahead of us.

David's specialties include business case analysis, contract negotiation, strategic market development, partner management. Startup management. Community, and metaverse design.

Musician, photographer, programmer and MBA class of 1997, Roberto Ostinelli has beenauditor for PriceWaterhouseCoopers to learn the deep accounting mechanisms that regulate companies. He has then become marketing manager of the broadband ISP company chello in Belgium, dealing with the ideation and launch of advertising campaigns, market analysis, and product definition. His interests have then moved towards the technical aspects of the various technologies needed to operate an IT business, becoming system integrator for chello in France. It was 2002 when he started his own software company e-undertown, aimed at providing integrated internet systems targeted for networks (gas, water and tlc).

Before joining OpenSpime, Roberto has been Director of a LAB Technologies Division dealing with research, development and integration of the multiple technologies behind the creation of intelligent virtual assistants. His functions included exploring Artificial Intelligence with a particular attention to humanlike emotional software models, building complex and scalable software architectures, and integrating existing top-of-the-art technologies such as semantic engines and voice software.


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