Ken Majer

CEO, MajerStrategies, Inc

Productivity and Profitability
57 minutes, 26.4mb, recorded 2007-02-28
Ken Majer

Regardless of the size or purpose of a company – or an employee's area of responsibility – success or failure is predicated on finding and retaining the right people, keeping customers satisfied, and increasing productivity. Ken Majer, CEO of MajerStrategies, discusses a favorite topic: How values-based companies will always outperform the competition.

He shows how to establish values and then build [or rebuild] company culture (which many companies overlook), before you move on to your vision, mission, goals, and action plans (which most companies remember to do). After that, the sky’s the limit.

The presentation features frequent participation from the audience, making his talk more a warm conversation than a lecture.

Ken Majer is a successful author, consultant, and speaker with proven expertise in change management. He is founder and CEO of San Francisco-based MajerStrategies, Inc. and has served as advisor to the Leadership Institute for Entrepreneurs at the University of San Diego, and as a professor and administrator at Indiana University and the University of California-San Diego. For over 25 years, Majer has aided individual executives, international corporations, government agencies, non-profit organizations - coaching executives and managers at all levels to change their management techniques, corporate strategy, corporate communications, leadership, and organizational alignment.

Majer has an AB in Psychology from Stanford University and earned MS and PhD degrees in Educational Psychology and Instructional Design from Florida State University.




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