Demand for Power

An IEEE Spectrum Radio Feature

IEEE Spectrum Radio
24 minutes, 11.2mb, recorded 2006-08-01

In 2003 a sagging power line crashed into a tree branch and caused an international black-out through Canada and the USA. As energy demands grow and are coursing through power lines companies such as 3M need to develop stronger and more durable powerlines. Find out what they’re made of.

Revamping infrastructure means higher energy costs. In response, Consumer Powerline, a New York based business consultancy is providing companies with large electric bills conservation solutions to help them save on energy. Small consumers aren’t to be left out.

Try buying the next in consumer electronics with your own residential windmill electricity generator. Join Glen Zorpet as he takes a look at the Skystream 3.7, an innovative solution which pays for itself over a lifetime.

This program was originally broadcast on IEEE Spectrum Radio.

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