Craig Burton

Technometria: The Enterprise of One
50 minutes, 23.3mb, recorded 2007-02-02
Craig Burton

Corporations no longer control the spin of identity and positioning because the individual can now communicate directly with the audience. Craig Burton states that his has lead to The Enterprise of One. He joins Phil and Scott and a discussion of how new technology has stripped the old business models away.

The group first discusses the exploit and how it proves that the user ID/password paradigm is broken. Craig reviews a couple of innovations currently under development at Microsoft, including CardSpace, which offers a more secure alternative to the old security method, and Onfolio, which allows a user to read RSS feeds in a more convenient way.

Craig then talks in more detail about how the individual talks to others by using blogs, the kind of instant communications not possible in the past. Building on this, Scott talks how software developers are now able to have their own tools, much like craftsmen who use their profits to build up their toolbox.

Craig also talks in depth about his experiences at Novell and how the company led the shift from caring about the "wire" to thinking more about software, an important development in the early days of the Internet. The group also considers the difference between a team and a community and how the latter is more important to real success in goal seeking.

Craig Burton is one of the leading visionaries and analysts in the computing industry. He is the creator of breakthrough concepts like NetWare Open Systems, The Network Services Model, metadirectory, and The Internet Services Model. He is a frequently consulted expert on new technologies and the process of making software infrastructure ubiquitous.

Craig was one of the founding members of Novell, where he served as senior vice president of corporate marketing and development. During his eight years with Novell, Craig’s unique market strategies resulted not only in market leadership for Novell, but also served to accelerate the movement toward transparent multivendor computing. Since 1998, Craig Burton has been an independent analyst consulting with many industry vendors and concentrating on the Internet Services Model and the paradox of selling software infrastructure.

Co-host Scott C. Lemon is CTO of MediaForge - a next generation viral marketing and web enhancement company - and founder of HumanXtensions - an Internet R&D company. Scott's recent history in the computer industry include several small start-ups, along with being Chief Technologist at SCO, Chief Strategist at Vultus, and holding numerous positions during his four tours of duty at Novell. Scott's expertise ranges from computer and wireless hardware technologies, to networking and distributed software applications. As a futurist studying the patterns of evolution, his past experiences in operating systems - CP/M, DOS, Windows, OS/2, NetWare, UNIX, Linux and others - is allowing him to explore the new levels of abstractions provided by the Internet.



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