Barry Flicker

Founder, Basic Training

Slashing Project Time and Cost
70 minutes, 32.3mb, recorded 2007-01-24
Topics: Business
Barry Flicker

The business community regularly uses project management as a way to reach goals, but often has little success because of an inability to properly use the process to solve the problems at hand. Barry Flicker helps organizations develop the communication and workflow analysis skills to produce high performance teamwork.

He first reviews some of his experiences with various organizations and how companies often indicate that they have little time to implement his ideas. Unfortunately, this supposed lack of time usually causes setbacks due to forgetfulness. He then discusses his initial steps when first training a group in project management. Flicker reviews the experiments he uses to draw the participants into the process. He states that rather than worrying about the toolset, it is necessary to go underneath to the skill set and dig even deeper to the mindset. Flicker considers collaboration to be important and that its fruits can be extraordinary.

Barry Flicker is founder of Basic Training, a San Francisco Bay Area-based company that offers a complete curriculum of courses in management and professional development to organizations intent on keeping pace with the rapid transformations of the global economy. He has authored texts on project management, collaborative negotiating, conflict resolution, non-linear problem solving, meeting management, team building, leadership, and effective communication. In addition to a "Who's Who" list of corporate clients in high-tech his work has been utilized as part of the professional development curriculum for IEEE. His most recent book, "Working At Warp Speed," has reached an international audience with editions appearing in Japan, Korea, China, and Turkey.


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