Christian "Dicky" Davies


The Dicky Box
15 minutes, 6.9mb, recorded 2006-05-07

Dicky Davies spent seven days in a ten foot square cube at the 2005 Burning Man Arts Festival, studying social interaction and connections. During the festival, Davies spent his time recording how people interacted with the 'Dicky Box.' The transparent plexiglass structure offered him little privacy; and his aim was to construct a social experiment on enclosed connectivity, how people related to that which was there but could not see.

His results had a profound effect on how he perceived networking and connectivity in social situations. It was his experience that the Dicky Box offered people the opportunity to interact with other people interacting. The result of which, was that the central location became a hub of connectivity - one where the community around it was more important than the subject inside the box.

Davies now works together with an art collective, the Finch Mob, where he allows people to participate in the creation and enjoyment of art. All that is needed is an open door, and according to Davies, a community of strangers will form to create a connection with artists and their creations.

Christian "Dicky" Davies used to think he was a painter. He us currently enrolled at The San Francisco Art Institute with a focus on History and Theory of Contemporary Art, studying its relation to urban studies.

Current and past projects include showing visual works with ArtSFest, Anon Salon as well as other public spaces. Last year in collaboration with Logan Mirto, Davies built and offered up The Dicky Box, an interactive conceptual sculpture at the Burning Man Art Festival. He is currently on the Advisory Board for the Black Rock Arts Foundation


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