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State of MySQL AB
38 minutes, 17.4mb, recorded 2006-04-26
Marten Mickos

Marten Mickos, the CEO of MySQL AB, estimates that 1.1 billion people are online today. Half of them use open source software tools and about 50 million write programs using open source software. So, what will happen when 2 billion people get on the Web? That would mean doubling the software consumption, doubling the hardware consumption and doubling the service subscriptions.

In the traditional economy, companies developed products and consumers learned how to use them, but enterprises bought a great deal of software that they never used. With the emergence of Web 2.0, consumers define content and the corporations adapt their policies to adjust to the consumer needs. Today, the subscription model serves as a more accurate model for sale of software as a service. The ecosystem is the computer and collaboration is the new operating system.

Open source allows you freedom to innovate. No one stops you from downloading the source to MySQL and writing your own storage engine. For example, the individual who wrote the PBXT storage engine, the new open source storage engine for MySQL, did it all alone in six-months. No matter how many smart people you hire, there's always an innovator next door. To welcome participation, you need to build modularity into your architecture, something common in most every open source project.

Mickos also discusses MySQL AB’s new engine called Falcon, inherited when they acquired Netfrastructure, Jim Starkey's company. MySQL also has a partner, Solid Information Technology, famous for their resilient database solutions in the telecommunications and embedded market. The partner is fitting its database engine into MySQL.

Marten Mickos joined MySQL AB as CEO in 2001. Under his leadership, the company has grown from a start-up to the second-largest open source company and the fastest-growing database vendor in the world. Prior to MySQL, Mickos held multi-national CEO and senior executive positions in his native Finland. He holds a M.Sc. in technical physics from Helsinki University of Technology.


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