Ryan Freitas

Adaptive Path

Facilitating Collaboration
45 minutes, 20.8mb, recorded 2006-08-16
Ryan Freitas

Web technologies in various stages of adoption are having tremendous impact on the way we all communicate and collaborate online. Ryan Freitas of Adaptive Path provides an overview of how online collaboration has evolved in the presence of wikis, syndication and blogs. He also looks at the impact on how teams work together to use these tools internally, and how they can be utilized to communicate effectively with audiences worldwide. In addition, Freitas surveys the horizon for the next generation of collaboration technologies, and attempts to auger what they might mean for all of us.

One of the major issues is how best to evaluate collaboration tools. Freitas reviews some useful methods, including whether the tool works appropriately and how easily it can be used immediately. he believes that collaboration is about fostering ideas so that you can get to a point of coordination.

Ryan Freitas is a Senior Interaction Designer for Adaptive Path. Before joining AP, he was a freelance information architect and user experience consultant. Clients include Oracle, Flickr, and Six Apart. He has developed interface and architecture solutions for a wide range of clients, and contributed to the 2005 Webby-nominated Carlson Marketing Group team that redesigned HomeDepot.com. Other clients include Janus Mutual Funds and Nissan Automotive North America, whose site was featured in Communication Arts.

Ryan's roots as an interface engineer have aided him in several application-based projects on a host of platforms, from the Web, to mobile devices, to retail kiosks. Additionally, his work with the usability needs of global audiences has taken him to Europe and Japan to work with clients such as Saab Automotive and Sunstar.


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