Lori H. Schwartz and Jeff Berg

IPG Emerging Media Lab

Marketing 2.0 and the Law
28 minutes, 12.9mb, recorded 2006-08-06
Jeff Berg, Lori H. Schwartz

Who owns the rights to user created content on the internet? The IPG Emerging Media Lab is trying to answer those, and other questions companies have about the interactive web. Lori H. Schwartz and Jeff Berg, director and content editor at IPG, talk about providing innovation and thought leadership to companies trying to engage users in a fragmented media marketplace.

IPG specialises in looking at new channels of consumer interaction on the internet. Companies are looking at how they can best reach consumers on different - often portable - devices. To answer those questions, IPG created the Emerging Media Lab to let companies experience new technologies and help them dig deeper into innovation on new platforms.

Rapid changes on the world wide web, particularly the web 2.0 phenomenon, means there are new places for people to interact and contribute. Companies looking to enhance their brand need to consider how they treat users and the work they contribute. The big question is: what happens when you let content out into the world?

IPG stresses that companies and services need to show respect for those users who contribute, while recognizing that some brands will still need to have strict guidelines. User interaction can be a powerful thing, but to what extent can businesses trust users to shape and contribute to a brand?

Lori H. Schwartz is the director of the Interpublic Emerging Media Lab. Schwartz provides consultation and solution recommendations for the latest in broadband, wireless and emerging media. She has served as vice-chair of the Board of Governors for the Producer's Guild of America's New Media Council. She is a member of the Interactive Peer Group for the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, and participates in a number of advanced advertising standardizations groups. When she’s not working with clients, Lori can be found on stage in Hollywood performing with a number of improvisational comedy theaters.

Jeff Berg is a content editor at the Interpublic Emerging Media Lab. Berg manages the editorial direction of the Advance newsletter, and is responsible for compiling the emerging media updates. He previously worked as the news editor for Adnet Media, a news organization that publishes a variety of print and online magazines targeted at webmasters. Berg also served as online and entertainment editor for the Los Angeles Daily Journal, the oldest newspaper serving the Southern California legal industry, and received a National Gold Key award for his work as a student journalist.


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