What Teens Want

A Panel Discussion with Safa Rashtchy

Web 2.0 2005
36 minutes, 16.7mb, recorded 2005-10-07
Safa Rashtchy

More than a quarter of internet users are aged between their early teens and their mid twenties. This group spends a third more time online than the next most active age group. With this in mind, Safa Rashtchy - Managing Director at Piper Jaffray - puts five teens on stage at the 2005 Web 2.0 Conference and asks them searching questions about their digital habits.

Analysts often speculate about the internet's next big thing. In recent years, this has often been decided by the 37 million 12 to 24 year olds who spend most of their free time online. Therefore, in order to understand internet trends, it's crucial to understand this age group's ideals, what they are prepared to pay for, and what they like and dislike.

Rashtchy puts a series of questions to a group of five panel members around the age of 18. Their answers may change your ideas about teen-focused internet businesses. If you want to know how much time teens really spend on social networking, what sites they use for searching, and how they would spend 100 dollars online (or whether they're really more interested in getting more free stuff), this is the panel that delivers the answers.

Safa Rashtchy is a managing director of Piper Jaffray and a senior research analyst focused on internet media and marketing. He joined Piper Jaffray as a research analyst in 1997 and has published several technical papers and presented at various industry conferences. In addition, Rashtchy was named to The Wall Street Journal's "2002 Best on the Street" analyst survey and was also a winner in Institutional Investor magazine's "Home Run Hitters of 2001" top stock pickers list.

Rashtchy has developed his research coverage with a focus on online advertising, search and e-commerce, and related internet services. Rashtchy's research in online search has been the most extensive in the industry, and he is often considered an authority. Rashtchy came to Piper Jaffray with an extensive background on the internet, as well as experience in the digital imaging industry. Between 1992 and 1996 Rashtchy was president of ColorWorks Graphics, the digital imaging company he founded in Boston. Prior to that, Rashtchy worked in various technical and management capacities in computer graphics and engineering companies.


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