Marc Senasac

Broadband Mechanics

People Aggregator
14 minutes, 6.5mb, recorded 2006-05-07
Marc Senasac

Broadband Mechanics is a digital lifestyle aggregation company whose work is based on open standards. Their principal service, People Aggregator, is a social networking community based on the notion that larger networks are pools of smaller disparate networks. Rather than one social networking site with 10 million users, they hope to create thousands of smaller groupings of 25 to 150 users who actively network with one another, but who can easily interact with and share their information with other similar networks.

In this presentation at the Mesh Forum conference, Marc Senasac, Broadband Mechanic’s VP of Art Direction, discusses their People Aggregator project, and how they hope to usher in the era of Portal 2.0, where social network sites and structured blogging content can be linked together and managed from a central point, using open source, federated identity standards.

Marc Senasac is the V.P. of Art Direction for Broadband Mechanics, a Web 2.0-style company that develops content management and social networking tools based on open source principles.

Marc has more than 20 years of experience in audio, visual, and multimedia production. His early audio work included song and album production for artists like The Tubes, Chris Isaak, The Residents, Romeo Void and Exodus. He has also worked on film and television soundtracks for Disney, Lucasfilm, and Warner Brothers. Recent projects included work with The Killers, Franz Ferdinand, Shakira, and The Marc Volta.

In 1998 he co-founded Sp3d, Inc., an interactive creative agency who’s client list included Broderbund, McGraw Hill, Intel, Oracle, HP, Ziff Davis, and Wells Fargo. He has held management and leadership positions at Softbank, Ziff-Davis, and Rocket Labs.


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