Glenn Love

Impact PBS

Mic Flags
19 minutes, 9.1mb, recorded 2006-09-25
Topics: Podcasting

Microphone flags are a hot topic at the Podcast Academy. You will be amazed by the "magic" of a microphone flag and how quickly doors open with a professional looking logo on the end of your mic. Michael Geoghegan interviews Glenn Love of Impact PBS, a custom mic flag fabricator who creates custom, high quality mic flags in small quantities and for a reasonable price. They discuss the Impact PBS product line and what podcasters should consider before they place an order.

Glenn Love parlayed his experience building promotional materials into a successful business of creating microphone flags and branding materials for the television, radio, and podcasting. He is the Owner of Impact PBS which opened its doors in 2003 in Greenville, South Carolina. Glenn has worked in the printing and graphic arts industry for thepast 20 years; seven of them focused on mic flags. He takes great pride in his company's product and the craftsmanship that goes into each order is impressive.


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